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I know that lately I’ve been posting a few non-foodie photos but to take good photos I need to practice more. It’s no use taking loads of food photos and getting stuck in a rut in other things (not that I find food to be boring but you know what I mean). I have been wanting a macro lens for ages now and finally we got one this weekend. It’s so fun! However it takes getting used to. I really like my other lens (a 50mm f/1.4) mind you; I love that it’s so user friendly. Macro (100mm f/2.8) takes close-up to a whole new level. Oh, and the stabiliser helps a lot!

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When the lens arrived I took a couple of test shots. My lovely neighbour was kind enough to surprise me with a dozen lavender and lemon cookies from the market, together with brownies and bread (am I lucky or what?!). That’s where the first photo came from. I could see the halftone pattern of the printing and the paper texture at full size. The second shot is that of one flower from my begonia. I hope to get a lot of use out of the lens, and I’m enjoying it so far!

Rob x


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