Chartwell’s kitchen garden and other photos.

Apples (8160)These pictures were taken very recently during a short visit to Chartwell, the Churchill family home, now a National Trust property. The day was grey and the sky quite featureless, but apparently this is good for shooting things really close. It wasn’t the best time to visit the gardens either, (I was also really tired after a walk) and the kitchen garden was obviously missing much of the good stuff but there were many trees around and a couple of huge pumpkins. So whatever was on offer was still very pretty and I knew I didn’t have my camera with me for nothing. My day was made. Hope you enjoy these. Rob x

Apples (8161)In the Kitchen Garden (8169)In the Kitchen Garden (8170)In the Walled Garden (8167)In the Walled Garden (8165)Chartwell (8150)


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