I am back…

Puttanesca Revisited (7034)

I have been away for a little over a month now. This long break has been totally unplanned. I returned to Surrey yesterday night and barely had the time to settle down; I still feel dazed and tired, since my visit to Malta has not been a holiday. So you will forgive me if I don’t give you any particular recipes today. I didn’t want to leave you without posting a foodie picture though, especially because running Chorizo & Thyme has been a joy and always will be. No matter what. And for that I thank you.

For me, pasta is comfort food and comfort is what I need right now. I love pasta alla puttanesca, mainly for its strong tastes and easy to find ingredients, and yes – for its simplicity.

On a positive note, thank goodness for the cooler weather! I can now bake and cook whatever I want once again!

Rob x

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