Tools for basic baking.

Holiday Hot Cake Whipped Cream (8605)

I noticed that some people are searching for “baking equipment” or “things used for baking” in this blog. I am very flattered, so thank you. I haven’t written a post specifically about this mainly because I’m no pastry chef, even though you might say that I live to bake. And you will obviously be correct. I have no fancy gadgets and till now haven’t really baked anything that complicated. Now you might also know that I love gadgets (and I blame J for that!) but since moving to the UK from sunny Malta I lack storage space and I cannot purchase extra mixers or anything really bulky.

So you see, my faithful companions on my baking journey, at least for now that is, are:

  • my mixing bowls (vintage looking because I’m a girl and I like that kind of stuff, but I miss my stainless ones, alas still residing in Malta);
  • my three whisks, a teeny one for dressings or tiny amounts of glaze, another one that I should keep in my bag with my purse, lipgloss and powder (my just-in-case one…an inside joke, sorry – hi mum!) but since I don’t go out much I always keep it in the kitchen drawer, and a big one, for whipping extraordinary amounts of cream, eggs, sugar and the likes;
  • a sieve;
  • an electric beater I hardly use (but will do so next time I decide to make James Tanner’s delicious whisky brownies, to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome while whisking that luscious sabayon);
  • my selection of spatulas (for scraping out every bit of that yummy cake mixture);
  • one large angled spatula (for covering cakes with butter icing or buttercream frosting);
  • one measuring jug (it’s quite smallish so I think I might need another one but we’ll see…);
  • a large stainless steel spoon and a wooden spoon (I have more than one of each, but you don’t need that much…really);
  • a rolling pin for that lovely pizza dough that I know you’ll want to make very soon (very user friendly – much easier to handle than shortcrust, which is fragile in comparison);
  • my trusty muffins tins (I have two, one of which I bought in the US, looks like an army truck and is indestructible);
  • my two springform cake tins (8 inch – for two tier sponges with delicious creamy fillings, and cheesecakes);
  • another two sandwich tins (mine are a little too large, so I wish I had 8 inch ones too);
  • two cookie trays;
  • plenty of baking parchment/paper.

What I do have, unfortunately not here with me, is my Professional KitchenAid mixer. It was too bulky to ship. I don’t plan to buy another one, mainly due to the expense…but never say never. You don’t need it for basic baking or if you are just started learning, so please don’t rush anywhere to buy one!

I also want to add this: I found that the best way for melting chocolate (dark and milk) is in a bowl heated over a small pot of simmering water. I may be old school, but the microwave doesn’t do it for me. You will also find you will have more control (and you will be less likely to burn it). Just make sure that the bowl in which the chocolate is melting doesn’t touch the water. Stir with a wooden spoon once in a while. So you don’t need any special gadget here either.

I think that is all but I might have something else lurking in the cupboards. In that case I’ll keep you posted! Take care of yourselves and Happy Baking.

Rob x


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