Problem solved thanks to Thane

I was browsing some of my bookmarks this morning, trying to find some easy drinks party recipes. I think I may have found my girl. The lovely Thane Prince from has many many recipes which are just the ticket. This is *not* a blind recommendation; two of my very favourites are the Parmesan and Harissa Madeleines and the Blue Cheese Sesame Biscuits. A word of caution: they are so good that you will want to eat them all by yourself. Thank you Thane!

Rob x


2 thoughts on “Problem solved thanks to Thane”

    1. Thanks for dropping by Thane. I remember when I made the first batch of those gorgeous madeleines no one else had the time to smell them! I almost ate the whole platter by myself! I’m so sorry I don’t have decent pictures – only fuzzy ones. But I will try to take better photos next time round 🙂 All the best xxx

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