Can I vent…a little? (KitchenAid prices)

Don’t worry – I will keep it short. Hand-held electric beaters are perfectly fine for baking but I love my KitchenAid. I really really miss it because I don’t have it with me here in Surrey. (Before I continue please note that this is *not* a promotion, but it’s a piece of news which will make you cringe, especially if you’re watching the pennies like every other person on the planet.) Listen to this…

Last April, J and I were out and about with my mum. As we entered Forestals (Malta) I noticed that they had some KitchenAid Artisan mixers on display. Price? €831. In April…2012. Yes. Now…in July…on their website: €640. Spot the difference. Is this reduction a fluke, or perhaps due to ‘competitive’ trade fair prices? Or maybe it’s because no one is buying anything these days? Kindly also note the brushed nickel one: €852!

Last week I was somewhere in Surrey, window shopping for some kitchen stuff, and there it was (the mixer that is), in a charming little kitchen shop. Price: £154. Nice! You can stop rubbing your eyes now. Compare and contrast. Done? Incidentally a friend of mine told me that you can find it at around €450 from Italy. Mah…

Rob x


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