A very short review…

I am reading loads of food and travel memoirs at the moment and this has quickly become one of my favourites. Italy and food go together and Victoria Cosford’s Amore and Amaretti is all about that! La Veeky, as she is affectionately called by her colleagues goes to Tuscany to learn all about Italian food and how to cook it the right way. She falls head over heals in love with the crazy Gianfranco who offers her a place to work in his trattoria. How very romantic, you say…well…yes – until she finds out about his terrible mood swings with which she tries to live. Ultimately it doesn’t work but she remains in love with the country anyway and returns to celebrate her 40th and 50th birthday there with friends. Her recipes are simple and glorious – you will get hungry as you read them!

Amore and Amaretti is a light read, perfect for those lazy summer days, when all you want is the sun, the beach, good food, good vino and great friends. A day like today, when I’m working but really should be out and about…

Rob x

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