Heston and The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Yesterday, after cooking dinner and washing those dreaded dishes, I almost forgot all about How to Cook like Heston. Well let’s say that I forgot all about it full-stop. I shouldn’t have I know, but I watched the final few minutes. Not that I got what he was doing mind you…mea culpa. I should have remembered that he was on tv. He’s a scientist in the kitchen. The kitchen is his lab. Heston’s a very responsible chap but I cannot help closing my eyes and waiting for something to explode! It never happens thank goodness; he knows what he’s doing, but there’s my imagination for you. So this afternoon I’ll be browsing the Channel 4 website to see what he was up to.

I didn’t miss The Fabulous Baker Brothers though. Boys will be boys! They are mad (in a good way), they don’t waste time but they don’t skimp either. They do things almost by the book but with little twists here and there. I read about their upcoming show last year but I wasn’t really convinced. Now I am. Last night they cooked on a budget. The result – two perfect pies, some delicious sliders (mini burgers) and a tweak on beans on toast…and a bit of eye candy…

Rob x

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